Training of Trainers – Module 1

Together again in Cattien forest !

ELI Event for Hoa Sen University and ELI partners, 14, 15, 16 November 2015


Mindfulness Based Compassion and Happiness

This 3 days course is the first module of a year long training process consisting of 3 face to face modules and in between practice, reports and coaching that will allow participants who will have successfully completed the full program to receive a

 “ELI Trainer’s Certificate in Mindfulness Based Compassion and Happiness”

ELI will award certificates after participants complete all 3 training modules; demonstrate regular personal and/or group practice, engage actively during the in between modules activities, and implement Mindfulness based Compassion and Happiness programs in their own context.

This first module is a trial for both sides: participants and instructors. At the end of module 1, both sides will decide if the participant signs up for the complete one-year training.

Program objectives of module 1

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Head: Knowledge
    • Describe the importance on Mindfulness and its underlying scientific foundation
    • Understand the meaning of the Education of the Heart (Emotional Intelligence) and its relevance for their organization and context
    • Explain the functioning and the management of emotions
    • Understand the basic elements of the Science and Wisdom of Happiness
    • Plan a Mindfulness Based Compassion and Happiness program to be implemented in their own context
  2. Heart: Attitudes
    • Be more mindful of themselves and others
    • Have an enhanced awareness of their emotions
    • Learn to have a better control over their emotions
    • Begin enhancing their empathy and compassion
    • Cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships
  3. Hands: Practice
    • Create and follow a daily Mindfulness practice routine
    • Share basic mindfulness practices with others
    • Start using the tools to increase Awareness and Management of Emotions
    • Practice methods of mediation and conflict management
    • Start implementing the Mindfulness Based Compassion and Happiness Program in their own context
    • Develop a network of practitioners to follow up after the ToT”

Program requirements from participants

  1. Participants will take part in all the activities during the program
  2. Participants will commit to a minimum of 20 minutes daily Mindfulness practice between modules (to be chosen from various Mindfulness Practices)
  3. Participants will write regular Practice diary
  4. Participants will choose a Practice Group of 3 to 5 people and share at least once in 2 weeks on their progress and challenges
  5. Participants will share a monthly Practice Report with instructors
  6. Participants will read and study required books and/or articles
  7. During the training and no later than after Module 2, participants will lead regular Mindfulness based Compassion and Happiness Practices in their own context

Reading for Module 1 and 2

Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace) by Chade-Meng Tan (Also available as

Requirements during the modules

During the residential modules, we will eat vegetarian food, and will refrain from consuming alcohol, tobacco, or any other intoxicant substance.



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