Biodynamic Course



Hue, from 10th to 13th, Jan, 2017


Tinh Truc Gia=TTG=The Peaceful Bamboo Family is the first vegetable garden, working according to the biodynamic method, in Vietnam.

In 2007, right after the foundation stone ceremony of the Peaceful Bamboo Family, a community for youngsters living with disabilities in Hue, Vietnam, Hans Mulder from Australia taught us how to make the biodynamic preparations that he had brought for this occasion and we sprayed the then still bare and uncultivated land.

Since 2009 we apply the biodynamic methods in the TTG vegetable garden. Mr Hung, the gardener of TTG, has since been trained by Mr. Marc Blachère, who came 3 times to TTG, each time over a month, to train him and his team. Mr. Hung and Mr. Hai also went to the US, to Copake, to train there in biodynamic agriculture. Mr Hung also spent 1 month in Navdanya with Vandana Shiva to learn about organic agriculture and the importance of seeds.
More and more people are interested in organic agriculture and biodynamic agriculture.

Many young people, even school children want to learn, experience an ecological life style. This gave us the courage to organize a first “open” biodynamic workshop in TTG in order to share our experience and to build up a network of people wanting to promote organic agriculture.
For this first workshop we had participants from all over Vietnam. It was a joy to meet people from the North, the South, Middle of Vietnam, all committed to “healing” the earth, to reconnecting to themselves, and nature together with others.


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